JANUARY 11, 2020


After Party

6:00 - 9:00 Get your tickets in advance or at the show. Take this opportunity to talk further with vendors in a more relaxed atmosphere and have lots of fun.  Door Prizes, games and great food. Don't miss out get your tickets today!

Introducing the newest wedding venue on the Crystal Coast:


Sponsors of After Party: Crystal Coast Bridal Fair A Diamond Limousine We Are Balloons Rohrig Photography & Video American Dream Cakes Generations DJ

If there was a special vendor that you didn't get a chance to talk to or they were always busy ask your questions at the After Party. Most vendors will be there or have a rep there to answer your questions.  Don't forget to order your tickets when you get your ticket to the show. Wear you "Bride" sash!  Tickets are available at the show and on line.  We will not be selling tickets at the door so get them in advance.  See you there.   Purchase-Tickets

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We would like to welcome back our “Bride’s Contest.”  If you are interested in participating in these contests, please fill out information below.


1. First Contest

Bouquet Toss, brides set with facing audience and tosses a bouquet over her shoulder into a 5-gallon bucket.  Sound Easy?  Give it a try and see how easy it is.  

2. Second Contest

Wedding Cake Treasure, brides surround a table that has a cake in the Center, there are several items/charms baked in the cake, dressed in a rain slicker and Gloves, you and 5-6 other brides dig into this cake and retrieve the items.  Can get Messy but worth your while.  

3. Third Contest

Bride must be present, at 2:30 we will do a drawing and the bride chosen will receive a credit from other vendor in the show of $250.  So if you are selected you must pick out your vendor before the show is over and sign a contract with them and your $250 will be paid directly to the vendor. [ms_custom_box backgroundimage="" fixed_background="yes" background_position="top left" padding="30" class="" id=""][/ms_custom_box]