Crystal Coast Bridal Fair Contests

We would like to welcome back our “Bride’s Contest.”  If you are interested in participating in these contests, please fill out information below.

Contest #1

Bouquet Toss, brides set with facing audience and tosses a bouquet over her shoulder into a 5-gallon bucket.  Sound Easy?  Give it a try and see how easy it is.

Contest #2

Wedding Cake Treasure, brides surround a table that has a cake in the Center, there are several items/charms baked in the cake, dressed in a rain slicker and Gloves, you and 5-6 other brides dig into this cake and retrieve the items.  Can get Messy but worth your while.


Contest #3

Bride must be present, at 2:30 we will do a drawing and the bride chosen will receive a credit from other vendor in the show of $250.  So if you are selected you must pick out your vendor before the show is over and sign a contract with them and your $250 will be paid directly to the vendor.